Website Redesign

websites for all platformsThere several scenarios where you might want a new site to replace an old one:

When it comes redesigning your website, we first assess what is wrong with the site that you have now.

It might be that your current website simply needs freshening up or a simple ‘make-over’.  If it isn’t made with mobile platforms in mind, or it isn’t particularly search-engine friendly then it may require a complete rebuild in a responsive framework.

website so old that it is written in latinRedesign An Out Of Date Website

You may have been justifiably proud of your website several years ago.  Some websites age quicker than others though and you make think it is looking jaded, out of date or no longer functions well or looks right on modern platforms or browsers.

Our web developers and redesign team have worked on the redevelopment of corporate, blue chip company websites and branding and also sole trader and SME websites in need of a consistent direct response from potential customers.  You can have confidence that we can help to boost your website’s success as well as making it platform-independent and better looking than ever.

Before starting the redesign we aim to have the best possible understanding of what you want from your website and what you want to achieve.  What are the commercial objectives for the site?  Is your primary aim to attract new customers to the website and have it do a lot of the selling for you?  It might be that you want a showcase that you can direct certain clients to.  Whatever your preference, we can build the site to meet your needs.

You will probably find that you have straightforward answers to some of the questions we ask.  Often we find that we come up with ideas from the off that just hadn’t been considered before.  We are happy to take your lead entirely or offer you consultative expertise to the extent you are comfortable with.  As we help you decide on options that you’d like us to deliver online, we can often supply suggestions for you to.

To future-proof the site for you we also focus in on the ways you wish to use and evolve the website over the coming years. For example, will you require a content management system or a way of securely storing customers and sales prospects details (in a manner which meets the data protection act) as the business evolves.

redesign a website

Redesigning Websites That Don’t Work Or Display Properly

It is a waste of money to invest in website redesign or development if it can only be viewed or successfully navigated by a proportion of your target audience.

In previous years we explained to our clients that their prospective customers could be using various competing web browsers (or versions of them) such as internet explorer versions 7, 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox or Apple’s Safari web browser.  This was complicated by the presence of PC, Mac  and LINUX platforms.

mobile-responsive websites birminghamMobile Visitors Outnumber Desktop & Laptop Visitors

That’s right.  The marketplace has changed and now there is a much broader variety of platforms used by site visitors.  iPhones, Android mobile phones, iPads and Android tablets have entered the fray with laptops and desktops the primary choice of others.

There is no longer a case for making websites which don’t display properly on a mobile device.  ‘Responsive Design’ or the ‘Mobile First’ approach is behind the best of the websites you use every day.

We don’t believe in using an app that has to be installed for mobiles before the site can be used properly.  We design for mobile platforms from the start.
We code and style ‘versions’ of your website to work effectively on practically all browsers.

Statistics show that mobile internet usage and the return on advertising investments targeting mobile platforms is extremely significant.  More than half of internet users are mobile.

If your website doesn’t work on mobile platforms, you could lose out on 60% or more of your potential visitors.

Contact us to find out more about a new responsive website design for your business.

Redesign An Unprofitable, Unsuccessful Website

Making websites work, a digital swiss army knife of ideas

Where we have been able to gain access to your old site we pay close attention to the traffic visiting it at present.  We analyse the type of key phrases you are (or are not) attracting traffic on.  We then look at search terms which seem to bring strong results in your profession or industry and how they can be tied into your goals for the website.

Once we have established realistic objectives for the web-site, we can determine the portion of relevant traffic your website is receiving or lacking.  Where the issue is related to content, online marketing or Search Engine Optimisation, we work to smooth the any wrinkles away.

Often it is as simple as the website using the wrong approach or language.  Sometimes websites lack the engagement required to stand out, or they loading too slowly, failing to keep or maintain visitor’s interest.Establishing if a high proportion of people leave the website quickly, without carrying out desired actions or purchases) or both, we can form recommendations, remedial action and realistic time frames to reach your new objectives.

Establishing what is wrong with your current website means that we can form recommendations and take remedial action.

Redesigning Websites For Rebranding Or Company Changes

bind your new business aquisitions or merger into a new consolidated website or brandIn times of a challenging economic climate, such as we have experienced in the last few years, many businesses choose to grow and increase turnover by buying other companies in similar fields.

We can work with you to merge or incorporate that businsses reach and client base into your current website.

Involving a partial or complete redesign and rebrand of the website belonging to the company you are taking over, we can help you to preserve its identity and heritage whilst bringing it under your banner.  We can also rebrand and redesign your website, updating it with CMS tools to add and amend information simply and quickly to your new site(s).

Our developers, redesigners and content creation team  work with you to ensure consistent brand messages, social media marketing, online news and press releases are formed consistently for your growing business needs.

New geographical areas of commercial interest to you, or certain types of potential clients (based on search term analysis) can be targeted to fit with your longer term strategic plans for your business.

Website Redesign & SEO

If your website has been attracting little or no traffic and you have become aware of the amount of potential business that is passing you by, or a number of your competitors who seem to be getting a much greater share from their online marketing then it is time you gave us a call.

We don’t make wild claims about being SEO ‘experts’.  It’s not an expression which makes much sense when search engine prerogatives and rules change so rapidly and without disclosure as to how they rank websites.

We use our knowledge of SEO as it appears to have changed over the years in tandem with our secret weapon.  Well researched and well written content which has genuine value to site visitors has always achieve traffic and high conversion rates.  Why try to cheat only to be caught out by Google’s penalty system when you can simply make great websites that work in the long term?<a name=”seoOptimisation”></a>

The key is to provide information, services or products that your potential clients are looking for.  Attracting more traffic and converting more prospects because they feel you are a more relevant option than your competitors. Prospects that engage with your website are more likely to carry out the actions you wish them to once they arrive (buy, contact you etc).

What about reaching out to local clients?

local focus or national or global reachIf you are running a local business, you will benefit from our progressive, localised optimisation techniques which have proven increasingly successful in recent years.

Attracting business in your established regions is only the beginning as once we have tested the water and analysed the response, we help you branch out into other geographical areas you have wanted to reach for some time.

For more information on any of our website redesign services please contact Harborne Web Design online here.