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We have always been great believers in great content and championed strong, clear and genuine content.  Thankfully this approach has been rewarded where others have failed.

We know that Google is doing its best to provide the best answers to each enquiry.  Google computers are quite good at working out the quality and relevance of the information on a website to meet an enquiry.  So while we all know that Google gets things wrong sometimes, by and large, websites with the best and most up to date content will be ranked best.

Great Content That Means Business

We continue to produce attractive, functional and flexible websites that make businesses shine.  The content that we make is appealing and informative and works well because it is written for your visitors.

In Google’s own words, they are building an Artificial Intelligence, not a search engine.  Only good quality websites with a smooth visitor experience will engage and convert your visitors.

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Compelling Content

We produce compelling content for any organisation, diligently engineering it to meet your strategic aims.  We have a proud track record of mindful consultation with our customers, ensuring a credible and honest representation that boosts trust.  That in turn helps to increase the resultant sales prospects and profitability.

Our website copy-writing professionals are expert word-smiths too.  Our company ethos involves understanding your business.  Our market and keyword research often identifies new opportunities to make you money and we are not shy about keeping you informed of them.

We know how to strike the right balance of marketing message, sales benefits and in-depth, “non-salesy” credible and genuinely useful information.


When it comes to website photography, we are delighted to source the finest stock images to match the quality of your copy.  We are also proud to offer a bespoke-photography service which makes the most of your actual product, service or premises.

You may have photos of your own that you’d like to use and of course we have the experience to choose the right images to best illustrate your message and process them so they fit right in with fast page load-times that search engines love.  The same applies to web-video, be it your own footage, stock video or bespoke video we have shot for you, you can be sure we’ll find the right media for your site.

Responsive Or Not?

You may be reading this site on an android tablet, an iPad, desktop PC, Mac or mobile phone. Our website is responsive, that means that it is a ‘mobile website’. Your customers will have the same diverse ways of looking for you.  A responsive website (like those in our portfolio) meets all your users, in one effective and appealing product.  Modifying the way each client sees your website to make the most of their screen, means prospects see your content at its best wherever they are.

Despite our background in bespoke website design and proprietary administrative sites, we use the incredibly flexible and popular WordPress framework as a base for our mobile-friendly responsive websites.

wordpress logoWhy WordPress Framework?

WordPress has come a long way since it was THE platform for blogging and is now among the very best website development platforms available.  Time after time, clients have told us that they love using it and that it is the easiest way to keep their own websites updated.  We can also keep your content up to date and richer than was ever possible before thanks to the versatility of the core code.

If you’d prefer a bespoke non-Wordpress site and don’t need to update it yourself, or are experienced in the use of proprietary CMS technology, we are equally happy to cater to your needs.  Our own proprietary CMS is powerful and adapts well to many web-solutions. We offer you the best value and the widest range of online-marketing solutions (without London prices) whichever platform you choose.

Solutions To Suit Your Budget

your investment is a drop in the ocean compared to potential returnsBeing West Midlands based means that we are local enough to maintain a solid partnership with you.

A good working relationship and understanding of your company enables us to deal with your local, national or international audience and establish the most effective tone for your website.

We understand that you are busy running your business or department, keeping clients happy and handling the hundreds of other things that go with it.

Most smaller businesses just don’t have the time to put together the high quality written content that a website requires to launch it, rank well on search engines such as Google and make the most of social-media such as Facebook and Twitter.

That is where Harborne Web Design makes things happen for you.  We are expert at developing your content and website to the highest standard.

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