Business Branding

building a brand

A company’s brand is important, whatever the nature of its business.

You represent yourself every time use your business name, design, logos trading marks or materials that you use whenever you send out products, attend a job or market your services.

Your brand differentiates you from your competitors and provides an instant visual and memorable reference for your clients to remember. Hopefully your consistency, service level, quality and other favourable attributes will also stay in their mind.

It has been shown that people often remember things better when they have a visual link to anchor those memories.

stationery fanYour Logo

Your logo or an entourage of visual assets help to form the look and feel of your corporate identity.

Our designers have over 15 years experience in online and multimedia design.  From the UK to Dubai and beyond, there’s practically no genre they haven’t worked in and there is little that they can’t achieve.

Think about Coca-Cola, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Lego, Volkswagen, Nike and no doubt you can picture their logo and you know what they do.

Some companies think of themselves as ‘brands’ rather than businesses because their identity is so strong.

We can bring branding excellence to your project.  Logos that really help you stand out, stationery that catches your client’s eyes and more.



Existing Branding

Customers with existing logos will usually have that logo and their associated colours used to create their website.  We are delighted to work within corporate guidelines or your preferences to maintain and reinforce your brand on your new website.