Our Web Design Process

design process


Every business has different services, products market and goals.  Whether or not this is your first website, a detailed discussion allows us to absorb your company’s needs in detail.  Much of the design process is shaped by what you want to accomplish.  However, the core of our work is understanding not only what you want to say, but who you want to reach and how to tick their boxes.

Once you have helped us with our fact-finding mission, we know where you want to go and who you want to reach.  We then research your service and market before beginning the design journey.



We design your website to draw in your customers and engage them, making sure that it is also a website that you will be proud of.  Your website will work beautifully on all devices from iPhone to Tablets, Laptops and PC.

When the first wave of design and construction is complete we stage the website in a staging location on our dedicated server.  We test the content, usability and feel, then once satisfied we present it to you as a draft for review.

Once you have used the website and evaluated it, we take your feedback.  Making amendments and changes, we refine the website.  There is further opportunity to test, review and feedback, until the website perfectly fits your vision and is ready to serve your customers. Then, we are ready to launch!

design process


We do everything that we can to ensure that the launch is swift and simple. Your website is made available to the Internet and we let the main search engines know that you are here!

The next stage of the journey has begun.  Hopefully, you will continue to work with us, to keep things running smoothly, securely and on target.


We offer high-speed and reliable, UK hosting for your website at reasonable prices.  A Service Level Agreement is advised to allow us to fix bugs if they arise and make any further updates or refinements that you’d like us to make as your website matures. Successful sites are most often freshly updated sites.  We are delighted to carry out work for you on an ad-hoc basis if you prefer and are always glad to help you with your online marketing needs.

If you plan to carry out much of your website updates in-house, we can help to train your staff.  We can show them how to use the rich, industry standard tools that WordPress offers to add content to your website.

We also offer the opportunity to review the website after a suitable period to find out how the website is working for you.  It is not uncommon for ideas or changes to become clear over the first few months.  What better time to address any ideas you might have?


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