When we step in to help businesses move up a gear with their profits from internet marketing the one thing that is apparent on almost every occasion is the frustration business owners have with not having enough hours in the day…”I am so busy with the day to day business I don’t have time to market myself..I know I could do it better… I know how to give great service I just don’t have the time to meet enough people”…and so on.

Ever thought how many people you could reach if there were two of you?

Our service is built on our ability to help you do just that.  And it goes way beyond just using search engines to help make your phone ring with orders and enquiries.

What is ‘Empathy Engineering’

Just another convoluted ‘buzz phrase’?  Let us fill you in.  It means we make sure we don’t just put understand your business, we understand you.

After all, the technology is just the tools and vehicle for getting your message out to the people who really need it.

So when we help build your LinkedIn network, publish content on your new-look website or even on other online sites through ‘guest blogging’ in places your target audience are already going…we sound like you.  We think like you.

And most critically we have to think about two people at once.  This means we write (or produce online video and voiceovers etc.) that sounds like you and promotes the long-lasting benefits to the clients of using your product or service.  However to do this truly effectively we also put ourselves firmly in the shoes of your customer…testing and confirming the best approach for you.  So we don’t focus on what we think your customers might be looking for, we hone in on what they really want.

How we can help

So whilst you are busy running your business, we are hard at work building your network with precisely the right people you want on your side…we produce content on your behalf that those people will devour and find truly useful.  We convince real influencers in your industry to publish your companies’ content…you just didn’t have to sit and write it.  That takes quality content, deep understanding and a touch of great personality too.  It just happens to be your personality.

Depending on where you are in the world…you might even be soundly sleeping in your bed whilst you are doing it.  Takes a lot of trust to let someone speak for you doesn’t it.  That is why we often redevelop our clients’ sites and their content first using these methods, to prove to you that we are, as football (or soccer!) fans have come to term it, “your twelfth man”.

So if you are dreaming of that house with the sea view and are wondering how you can possibly achieve it with only so many hours in the day … do what the smart owners have done, by letting us help make a few more of you!

We have helped clients recently from Birmingham to Buenos Aires, now it is your turn.  Feedback has included “you have almost doubled our turnover” to “working with Harborne Web Design is the best thing I have ever done” (Steady on there, what about the kids..!)

How about if there were 10 of you, 20, or 50?

Your digital reach can be exponential in its growth.  A scattergun approach never works.  However, putting the right information in front of the right people does.  And word spreads…both face to face and digitally…it just spreads in the right places.

So always wanted the ability to be in two places at once?…to reach out to more than one key influencer at the same time…then its time to grab what’s out there.

Email us…info@harbornewebdesign.co.uk and let’s talk about you.