Smart Internet Marketing By Hotel Booking Website Trip Advisor Vs Daily Deal Sites?

Reviews and hotel booking website Trip Advisor has announced they are to launch an innovative new service which suggests they are going up against the Daily Deal websites such as GroupOn, KGB deals and Living Social in the way they are positioning their offerings.

As well as getting reviews on a vast number of hotels from people who have previosuly satayed in them, their latest internet marketing initiative sees them offering a potential price reduction after you have booked your hotel.

Many people are left frustrated by price reductions or special offers after they have booked a hotelm online. Trip Advisors new offering will mean they track any price reductions that occur between the time of booking your hotel room and the time of your stay. You will only be charged the lowest price for the type of room you have booked that occurs, right up to the time of your stay.

What this means for internet marketing across the hotel and hospitality market will no doubt be revealed in the next few months, as other online retailers and review sites react to this innovation.  Whether other related markets such as restaurant bookings, travel sites, airline booking sites etc will also follow suit will no doubt depend on the markets reaction to this price matching over time philosophy.