iOS Email Setup iPhones & iPads

Apple have created a comprehensive guide to setting up and troubleshooting email accounts please read the following note.  Armed with the information below we recommend that you follow our link to their knowledgebase.

Your standard email account details are:

  1. Your username is your FULL email address.
  2. Your password is your password.
  3. Your incoming and outgoing servers are both your domain name (the part after the @ symbol in your email address) .  If your email address is then your incoming and outgoing servers are both:
  4. Your outgoing mailserver requires login using the same details as your incoming mail.
  5. Copies of messages should not be left on the server
  6. Ports: POP: 110 –  SMTP: 25
  7. SSL No

Please follow the link below to learn how to setup email on an iOS product such as an Iphone or Ipad: